My order has not arrived




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    Pas de nouvelle de mon colis toujours pas arrivé

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    Anthonyserdar (Edited )

    my order has not arrived and I ordered it 30 days from today.


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    Bryan canchola

    My order #62323 has not arrived. I ordered it 10 days ago. When will I be getting it? Also, how can I contact customer service? 

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    It will arrive shipping takes forever but it arrived for me after 2 months. But its a really nice hoodie that i bought im not dissapointed at all.. besides the shipping time

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    Blaise Hutchinson

    Customer service is probably amongst the worst in the market - products are great but the service ruins the experience of shopping with physiq apparel completely. I repeat, worst in the market.

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    Jeffrey Garcia

    I haven't received my shipping information for my purchase which was on July 6 2017. When can I expect my package or shipping time? Order number :70679

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